Best Korean dramas without the same rich guy poor girl story

Sunday, May 31, 2015
A lot of people seem to think that ALL Korean dramas have the same story. The rich guy and poor girl Cinderella story. And somewhere in the middle, she ends up having two guys trying to win her heart etc. Now don't get me wrong. I love those type of dramas because it keep me glued to the television. But there are other Kdramas out there too! The top three on my list are:

#1. THE GREAT DOCTOR (Watch on Netflix)
This is a very good Kdrama for those of you who love fighting, war, love etc... This woman had went back in time and fell in love with a soldier, Now I won't give away everything because I want you to watch it. But this drama had me glued to the TV day and night. Straight Love and War! There was nothing predictable about The Great Doctor.

My Language Learning Journey

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Languages have always been my passion, since the 5th grade when I started learning Korean as a second language in my Tae kwon do class. I remember being in high school and always practicing my Spanish with classmates and friends. Now I hated academics but when it came to another Language, I was all in. Everyone thought I was weird and didn't really understand me. A few of my friends thought it was cool and exciting that I would try to speak a second language but no one really ever took it serious, you know?