My Language Learning Journey

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Languages have always been my passion, since the 5th grade when I started learning Korean as a second language in my Tae kwon do class. I remember being in high school and always practicing my Spanish with classmates and friends. Now I hated academics but when it came to another Language, I was all in. Everyone thought I was weird and didn't really understand me. A few of my friends thought it was cool and exciting that I would try to speak a second language but no one really ever took it serious, you know?

In Detroit public schools at the time, 4 years of Spanish was required to graduate, but I was really taking advantage of the opportunity. It wasn't until after high school of my 2nd year of living in Atlanta that I realized that my Spanish speaking skills was actually needed in the "work world." I asked my mom one day if she could create me a resume because the one I had was only getting me jobs in the retail and fast food world, being that I don't have college education. So my mom created my first real resume and I noticed she added Spanish on my resume. Every since that was added, I was getting interviews left to right and actually "choosing" what job I would accept. And here I am thinking that Spanish was just a hobby. Turns out knowing Spanish in the United States was a major PLUS. I've spoke and been involved in several Hispanic community events in Georgia.

But little did I know, that was just the beginning of my Language learning journey. I traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay back in 2011 and it was an eye opener for me because everyone in the airport assumed that I was from Brazil because I'm black. Everywhere I went, people were trying to speak to me in Portuguese and at the time, I was like, "umm excuse me but I'm from the states. Spanish and English ONLY please." And no one believed me. Someone actually said to me, "But how? There are NO blacks in the United States." I was so shocked that people actually think Black people were only in Brazil and Africa. SMDH. But with that being said, I became more and more interested in the Portuguese language. And when I returned to the states, I started taking classes at Atlanta International Language Institute and 4 months later....

That's right! Advanced Portuguese course certificate from the best Portuguese instructor in the world Lincoln De Oliveira right in Atlanta, GA.

Me in Uruguay
2011. Oh how I miss Montevideo! South america is beautiful!
My Language learning journey is just starting. I'm 23 years old speaking Spanish, Portuguese, English and Korean. And still learning more and more daily. I've accepted translation and interpreting jobs and my resume just keeps getting better.

I've never been to college because I don't like school so instead I use my Language certifications as my degree. Any job I want I get because of my Language skills. I'm 23 years old, working as a Interpreter and being an entrepreneur is really inspiring to a lot of people around the world. I hope to continue to encourage people!

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