Fastest ways to learn the Spanish Language: 3 effective Tips

Saturday, June 27, 2015
It seems that a lot of people think that taking classes or studying textbooks can somehow make them fluent in a second language. Some people even think that it is possible to become fluent by just listening to audio disc. While books, audio disc and classes DO all contribute to helping you learn a second language, it won't necessarily make you fluent.

It took me 6 months to become fluent enough to obtain a Spanish speaking job. And NO I wasn't glued in text books, audio disc etc.. I simply used YouTube for lessons and practiced what I was learning with Native Speakers on a daily basis. I spoke Spanish every chance I got with someone who looked like they spoke Spanish. Now I am working a job where I get to speak Spanish all day.

Tip #1.
Find native Spanish speakers who barely speaks English and practice your Spanish words and sentences with them.

What is this AMBW thing?

Saturday, June 13, 2015
A lot of people want to know what the hell is this AMBW stuff. "Hashtag" AMBW "Hashtag" BWAM etc... Well, AMBW stands for Asian Men Black Women. Apparently it's an entire community. There is even an dating website, where Asian men can find single Black women in there own city and meet up. When I first heard of AMBW, it was in 2012 and I didn't really get it. I just called it "interracial dating" but the more I researched it, it seemed to be a really popular topic on YouTube and the blogs.

So being the open book that I am, of course I'm trying this whole thing out. I'm currently dating a few "Asian" guys myself. YES I said a few. There is nothing

Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese sounds totally different

Sunday, June 7, 2015
A lot of people seem to think that Viet, Korean and Chinese all sound the same. Well that's not true at all. I will admit, if you never been around different Asian people, then you wouldn't know the difference. So in that sense, YES it all will sound the same to you. But once you been around these different groups Asians for about a month or so, you will start to notice that the languages actually doesn't sound anything alike!