Fastest ways to learn the Spanish Language: 3 effective Tips

Saturday, June 27, 2015
It seems that a lot of people think that taking classes or studying textbooks can somehow make them fluent in a second language. Some people even think that it is possible to become fluent by just listening to audio disc. While books, audio disc and classes DO all contribute to helping you learn a second language, it won't necessarily make you fluent.

It took me 6 months to become fluent enough to obtain a Spanish speaking job. And NO I wasn't glued in text books, audio disc etc.. I simply used YouTube for lessons and practiced what I was learning with Native Speakers on a daily basis. I spoke Spanish every chance I got with someone who looked like they spoke Spanish. Now I am working a job where I get to speak Spanish all day.

Tip #1.
Find native Spanish speakers who barely speaks English and practice your Spanish words and sentences with them.

Places to find native speakers!
  • Authentic Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, or Dominican restaurants 
  • Latin Night clubs
  • Home depot (just saying) in certain States such as; Georgia, Alabama, New York, etc
  • Latino Festivals
  • International Airport
  • Spanish Shopping centers
  • International Supermarkets 
  • Spanish Churches
Tip #2.
Change your world into Spanish!
You must watch Spanish TV on a daily basis. Every cable offer Spanish TV programs. If you can't afford to order the Spanish channels, then you can use your internet. There are plenty of Spanish novelas, comedy, cartoon, news etc.. online. 

Check out websites like: 
By the way, there are plenty more websites. These are just my most recommended.

Tip #3.
Visit a Spanish speaking country.
I would recommend staying with a host family from that country. That way you have NO CHOICE but to practice your Spanish daily while you stay there. Puerto Rico is probably the most inexpensive trip, if you're on a budget.

Remember: Take some type of lessons, whether it's strictly online, in person or in someones classroom. If you do not have the money to pay for lessons or classes, DON'T WORRY! There are plenty of free Language learning websites out there. But here are a few websites to help you on your journey below:

  • (Good for grammar) 
  • (Professor Jason)
  • (Register to Skype with a Spanish Language Partner weekly)

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