What is this AMBW thing?

Saturday, June 13, 2015
A lot of people want to know what the hell is this AMBW stuff. "Hashtag" AMBW "Hashtag" BWAM etc... Well, AMBW stands for Asian Men Black Women. Apparently it's an entire community. There is even an dating website, where Asian men can find single Black women in there own city and meet up. When I first heard of AMBW, it was in 2012 and I didn't really get it. I just called it "interracial dating" but the more I researched it, it seemed to be a really popular topic on YouTube and the blogs.

So being the open book that I am, of course I'm trying this whole thing out. I'm currently dating a few "Asian" guys myself. YES I said a few. There is nothing
wrong with DATING. One is Viet and the other is Korean. Now it's been a fun but rough journey. I usually don't go for the "Americanized" type Asian guys. I like them FOB. HA! That's right. I said it. I need them to be like, "me NO speaky English very well!" Hey... ladies don't judge. I like what I like and you like what you like. I just appreciate a man who is well immersed into his culture.

What seems to be a disappoint is when you have Asian men only dating a woman because she is black. Or when a black girl only dates a guys because he's Asian. I think that's kind of freaky and not real. It sounds more like a trend, when you put it that way. But above all, I like the whole community and support it. I have YouTube friends that are into AMBW dating and so am I.

Check out some of the popular AMBW couples and families that's trending online below:

Aren't they all just lovely?
What are your thoughts on AMBW?

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